Should I start my journey of becoming a Pilot after 10th or after 12th?

Captain Puneet Baldawa
4 min readFeb 27, 2024


Becoming a pilot is everyone’s dream and who doesn’t want to achieve their dreams. Owing to a lot of glamour in Pilot journey and in its whole life, aspirants are excited to commence the journey as soon as possible and start living a Pilot’s life. Additionally, since this is not a very common stream to be chosen, there are a lot of hearsay things running around in the world. In this haste and with inappropriate guidance, we end up being a victim of the rumours and get swayed away from the actual process.

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One of the biggest rumours that I have a heard discussing from a lot of aspirants is, “You can start your pilot journey and start clearing papers right after 10th.” I decided to put a stop to this one specific rumour and address this question. I personally suggest that aspirants should start their journey of becoming a pilot after the12th. Let’s talk about the reasoning of this decision. Below I have mentioned a few reasons why do I think this is a good option.

1) One can’t apply for papers for CPL after 10th.

The basic eligibility criteria to apply for CPL and its papers is being 12th passed with Physics and Maths. It’s only after you upload documents like 12th std marksheets and its board verification, DGCA approves you with computer number for CPL exams. Till this moment, you cannot give exams for CPL. Although, after 10th standard, you can apply for PPL and sit for their exams, but even after giving exams for PPL, you have to separately give exams for CPL. So, if in case anyone suggests you to start your CPL journey right after 10th, you should ask “Will I be able to give exams for CPL without 12th?” To read about the SPL, PPL, CPLand ATPL, click here to read my blog.

2) Test the temperature of the water before diving deep into it.

Decision of becoming a pilot and pursuing it diligently is a big decision. Being aware of the mental and physical stress, it’s pros and cons is very important. Additionally, it’s advised to take the decision with all maturity and honesty. It’s usually after 11th or 12th, you get the maturity about your career and start taking decision with a conscious mind. Till then, it’s just a childhood dream. It’s usually around this time when parents and children sit together and start talking about the future career. So, I would say take your time, research well, think of pros and cons and then come to a conclusion of choosing this career. I have written a blog on Pros and Cons of becoming a pilot. Click here to read the blog.

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3) Pilot is just not only about being eligible academically.

It is always perceived that the aspirant assumes that they will quickly start and finish the academic process of being a pilot and get a job as a pilot. What no one considers is developing a personality like a Pilot (don’t get confused between personality and fashion sense). Getting mentally ready is way more difficult that getting physically (in our case academically) ready. A pilot is expected to be competent in terms of academics, as well as in terms of personality. If it was just exams that was stopping everyone to become a pilot and fly aeroplanes, then anyone could’ve done that. Becoming a pilot additionally requires a personality and mental growth, which includes discipline with the personal schedule, being adaptable to different flight timings and schedules, dedication to do what they are expected to do, to cope up with the financial stress throughout the initial years of training, fight all the challenges patiently and come out winning. So, you can use these 2 years to start the personality transformation journey into a Pilot’s personality. And then it will be a piece of cake to ace the whole pilot training. Click here to read about the qualities that a pilot must have.

Capt Sully Sullenberger saving 155 pax with water landing.

4) Use these 2 years to get a wider perspective of Aviation and the Pilots

In this era of widespread knowledge on digital level i.e YT, magazines, blogs like this etc. will help you a lot to learn a lot of things about what’s happening in Aviation, upcoming deliveries of aircrafts, upcoming technologies in Aviation and many more. Through this, you will get better clarity in life, whether you can give what it takes to become a pilot or not. I don’t want you to just blindly become a pilot. That’s the first thing to learn for pilots i.e., never take decisions blindly; always have backup reasoning to come to the conclusion.

These were the few reasons why I feel starting pilot journey post 12th will be a better option. But, if you feel you already feel you are fit to become a pilot, you can start the journey as per your convenience. Most important, get into this field when you want/ready for it, not in any peer pressure. Good luck with the training and feel free to get in touch with me.



Captain Puneet Baldawa

I am an A320 Rated Commercial Pilot flying with IndiGo. I have finished my flight training from India. I am a Cofounder of Streamline Aviation Academy.